Healthline article about the many health benefits of microgreens



What’s the deal with MICROGREENS???

First and foremost, microgreens are extremely healthy for you.  Having an intense umami flavor and crunch, many have only seen microgreens served at high-end restaurants. Sometimes called “vegetable confetti” because of the numerous shades of green, purple, and red microgreens, many chefs started using them as a garnish, but lucky for us these little greens are packed full of nutrients. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will incorporate Pure Farms microgreens into your daily life.

So, what is so great about microgreens?

In a Healthline article about the many health benefits of microgreens, Alina Petre, MS, RD writes that:
Most varieties are rich in potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, and copper as the nutrient content is highly concentrated. They contain higher vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant levels up to nine times more than mature greens. This is evidenced by a study she cites that measured vitamin and antioxidant concentration in 25 commercially available microgreens and then compared these to levels recorded in the USDA National Nutrient Database for the mature varieties. The nutrients measured in microgreens were up to 40 times higher than their mature counterparts. She summarizes that because the dose of nutrients and beneficial plant compounds are so concentrated, they may reduce the risk of certain diseases.

How do I incorporate microgreens into my daily routine?

Like to make smoothies?  Try throwing in broccoli sprouts. These have a nice mild earthly taste. Are you a breakfast fan? Toss a handful or two of arugula microgreens on your omelet. The mild peppery taste will impress even the fussiest eater. Are salads your fare? Try radish microgreens on a salad. The strong radish taste will take your salad to the next level!  The varieties of microgreens are as endless as the number of vegetables in your local grocery store. 

Call Pure Farms today and take your culinary skills and health to a whole new level!
Bon Appetit! 

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